hola, it's me

Growing up on the west coast of BC and Costa Rica has exposed me to unparralleled beauty and culture that I take pride in. Pura vida is my mantra and my very first tattoo when I was 16 – no ragrats. hell yes I wear socks and sandals, can go days without brushing my hair and live on ‘tico time’. My parents are both entreprenuers, so it’s no surprise that I left my cushy 9 to 5 in order to do what I love. Photography is so much more than just a job to me. It is so important to have memories documented beyond what remains in your head. If not for you, for your grandchildren. Because after you’re gone, what are you leaving behind? Your story is your legacy – Let me document it beautifully. This is what I live for.

your tribe, your love

In 50 years from now, what will matter to you most? What do you want to remember? Pinterest trends will be long gone, but your tribe and the love you have shared will remain. Focus on what you’re leaving behind and make it freaking mean something! Let’s stop looking up to strangers for inspiration and create your own damn story. Focus on you. Focus on your family. Focus on the things that make your heart beat strong and proud. This is about you.

emma culling headshot photo
emma culling headshot
break tradition, make your own

I’ve been to enough weddings to know that humans like to play things safe. And I’m here to say fuck that. A wedding celebrates the union of two unique people. Enough of doing things because it’s the norm or because your family says so. This whole day is for you.

White dress? Says who. Church ceremony? Says who. Can’t see each other until the ceremony? Says who. Buffet? Why though?! It’s time to start looking at your big day a little differently. Unless it means something to you, throw that shit out the window! This is about you and if you want to eat tacos on a beach, nobody is stopping you but you.

Those are all traditions that make weddings all the same and unfortunately most people don’t even think twice about the why. Let’s fix that, shall we? I’m here to help make your own traditions. One more time for the people in the back: THIS IS ABOUT YOU!

the experience

I want to lay out some expectations so you know what you’re getting into with a weirdo photograper like me. If you’re looking for traditional, posed, looking-at-the-camera perfect photos, I am not your gal. I am here for the connection, emotion and trust – that is what I offer. I am a very laid back person, but I have a fiery passion for honest storytelling. Capturing the messy, tangled and fierce kind of love. Purely, you – however quirky, sassy, weird or unconventional. I’m here for it.

Your photos should take you back to exactly how you felt about eachother in that moment. That’s my goal, because to me, there is nothing more beautiful than that.

Your photograper should be more than another check on your wedding to-do list. I get to know my couples, and yes as corny as it sounds, I want to be your friend first, photograper second. It is so important to have a good connection. If you value those tiny imperfect, messy moments – the ones you think about and smile, then let’s talk! Those are the moments I want to be there for and preserve in it’s most geniune form. For your children and children’s children. This shit is important. This shit lasts. It’s wort investing in for the ones you love.