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I am a hippie at heart and I'm all for starting new traditions, doing things differently and not giving a shit about what other people think. Plan your day for you and nobody else. Let your personalities show. That is why people show up to these things. FOR YOU. Believe me, nobody will be dreaming about the buffet when you serve your favourite pizza instead. Why not shake your booties during your first dance? Why not wear matching jean jackets? (Bring on all the boho vibes!) Don't get stuck planning your day to please others – start planning a day that YOU are excited about.
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Memories you hold onto the tightest

It’s about the unplanned tears, the uncontrollable laughter, the moments that actually matter to you. What we may think of as insignificant, in between moments, end up being the most magical memories of your big day. I’m there for the little things, and the big things. I’m there for you.

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emma culling headshot
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I am all about connection, honesty, a good sense of humour. These are the values I have built my life and my business around. I like to laugh at myself to keep me humble and surround myself with people who can do the same. Let’s be real, honest & share some laughs. Even if it’s at my expense!

More than your photographer, I will be your third wheel, train carrier, drink getter, your confidant, Kleenex passer, boutonniere fixer, and catcher of every little moment in between. I'm here for you now, through your year of planning, and on your big day for whatever you need. I want to be more than just another a vendor you hire. I want you to let me in. I want to go for drinks with you, to really get to know you as a couple and what makes your love story unique so that your photos are genuinely you.

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